Visit with Heather

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June 11, 2014

About 9 weeks, around 2 1/2 months

I got a fun phone call one day to find out that Heather, my wonderful sister-in-law currently living in Texas, would be traveling through the area with her youngest in tow. We arranged to meet at a junction about an hour south of where we were currently living at the time and had lunch together at Subway along with Heather’s sister and mother, whom I used to know from church in my hometown.

Jane and her cousin, Ryan, got to meet and swap stories … okay so Heather and I swapped stories. So fun to see this little guy and catch up with Heather and her family. I learned a great tip from Heather this day. She showed me that Jane could sit up straight with my help and if I lightly bounced her after nursing, should would burp that way. It was an easier and faster way to burp Jane so I used it often for months.

Cousins 2
Happy Campers


Visit with Heather & Ryan
Visit with Heather & Ryan


















This clip was an accident while we were posing for pictures. It is very short but fun to see these two in action and I wish I had more of a video.

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