This is Snow

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Nov 30 (Jane 18 months and Porter 1 month)

It recently snowed and started sticking to the ground. A couple of inches has built up on the ground and now Jane persistently wants to go outside just so she can walk in it. Yesterday, she walked around the house for a couple of hours, gathering her socks, shoes, pants, hat and coat. It took that long because she was doing it on her own without help from James or myself. We were sitting at the table going through mail when she scooted into the kitchen with a shoe hanging on her foot, not at all on correctly. She patiently looked for these items and put them on herself, periodically announcing, “side, side” to indicate her intent. When I couldn’t resist any longer, I took her outside. I held her hand and we walked and walked and walked in circles through the back yard. Finally, I told her I was just going to watch and sat on the steps next to the door. She looked at me with a sad face scowl until I relented and walked with her some more. The only way I could coax her inside was with popcorn. Today, again, she repeated the same thing. Curse this snow! All she wants to do is go outside in the cold snow while I whimper and hide inside.

Jane has seen snow before, but many things that she is experiencing at this age is as if she is seeing it and experiencing it for the first time. A year ago last winter she was so little! So, although her year of “firsts” is over, we still get to see her experience this magical world.

Note: It is now January and Jane likes to look at the snow, and may go up and kick a snow bank, but she isn’t much for getting deep into it.

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