The Season of Fall

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Jane in Fall Leaves



We bought a house and moved in at the beginning of September. Barely any furniture and mostly empty rooms kept us busy trying to make our house a home. Little by little however, and we are slowly making it.

Fall crept in slowly this year but the colors were gorgeous and the weather was quite enjoyable for the longest time. We took family road trips through American Fork Canyon, Provo Canyon, and Hobble Creek Canyon to soak it in. James and I also canoed down the Provo River for my Birthday (Jane stayed with friends for that one), which was fantastic!

It stayed warm enough that Jane and I would walk to the nearby park and I would run around the park while Jane enjoyed the outdoors from her stroller until falling asleep.  One day I grabbed a handful of bright-colored leaves from the park to add to the decor at home. The nearby mountains were lit up with bright reds and oranges and although it took a little while for some of the trees in the neighborhoods to turn, the colors stayed around forever.

The giant Maple tree in our front yard was one of the last trees of the season to turn colors and as it finally did, just before the snow came, it covered our yard with golden goodness. We raked once and then, as seen in these pictures, a wind storm showered leaves over the walk way and on both sides. Jane and I enjoyed the leaves but only for a short time since the air had turned quite chilly.





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