Prayer and the Savior

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A quick but tender moment that happened with Jane recently: We read scriptures together as a family and Jane likes to flip through the “Family” Book of Mormon that someone gifted us when James and I were married. It is a big, hefty book that has many extra pictures (along with extra side notes and what not).

Jane was flipping through and stopped at a picture of the Savior hanging on the cross. She said, “Oh!” She paused and then said, “Sad.” She pointed to his hands and said “Hurt.”


Another moment that brought the spirit was several weeks earlier at dinner. Prior to this we had been helping Jane say her prayers but she hadn’t shown too much interest in it. On this occasion, in the middle of eating, she stopped, folded her arms and said, “Father, Father” indicating she wanted to pray. James and I kind of looked at each other and I folded my arms and bowed my head. If Jane wanted to pray I wasn’t going to tell her no. James did the same and for about a minute we listened to Jane go all the way through a prayer, which she hadn’t done by herself up until this point. Since then, she has often reminded me at other meals to say a prayer, folding her arms and saying, “Father, Father”.

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