Potty Trained: Check

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December 8, 2015 (Jane is less than 20 months)

Jane is potty trained. Really. She is. Woohoo! It has taken a few weeks- well, months actually- and we had a few breaks in there too. I officially started Conference weekend beginning of October since we were going to be home for three straight days. Months prior to this I kept thinking about it and trying to figure out how to actually go about it. I knew I wanted to do it soon but couldn’t quite get it started. One of my visiting teachers gave me the push I needed with some advice.

The first day and a half I cleaned up quite a few accidents. But by the end of the third day (there is something magical I guess about three days in the world of potty training), she was recognizing when she needed to go and would sign “potty” and we would rush to the bathroom. From there I needed to try going out of the house with her clothes on (I had her going around naked in the house). A couple of times we would try the public restrooms (quite a challenge in those places with wee ones) but mostly wet clothes. The problem became that I was out of the house too much with errands I was trying to squeeze in before the new baby came. Even though I ended up taking a break (she would mostly wear a diaper), James was great about it and kept working with her. We, especially James, kept talking to Jane about it and asking her if she needed to go and occasionally setting her on the potty. Plenty of fails and clean-ups but we took it easy so that it wouldn’t become too frustrating for us or her.

The baby came and the following week we started again. I may as well if I was going to be home all day every day anyway. It seemed like we were starting all over again. But continue on we must! Jane was great. She mostly got the hang of it again within a day or two so we tried graduating to wearing panties around the house. By the end of the week she was doing pretty well but then family came into town for Thanksgiving. That weekend we had things going on and then a baby blessing on Sunday and Jane was in a diaper the whole two days. So, as we tried panties that Monday, it didn’t work. For a few days Jane kept wetting herself and one on a grandpa who had been holding her! SO, another break for the rest of the week.

One more time. We started again that following Monday. I thought it was going to be like the last time and have to start at square one but this time it seemed like it just clicked for Jane and we were off! She can wear all her clothes and even go out in public and she lets us know when she needs to go potty. She has even become good at figuring it out enough in advance that it doesn’t have to be a mad dash to the restroom. I won’t say that we are at a 100% to never having accidents- I expect that can come on occasion. But, I feel like we are there and I am excited, James is happy, and Jane is thrilled with herself. She does wear a diaper for naps and bedtime, but the rest of the time it comes off. Alright!!

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