Porter – From One to Two

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Porter was born Wednesday, October 28th, at a birthing center in Spanish Fork, just a few miles from our home in Springville. I had an apt at the center on the morning of my due date, the 27th. That same morning, I started having contractions. Throughout the day, the contractions continued to get closer and closer together. Jane and I took it easy at home but we also went for a little walk down the street and brought home cherry tomatoes, then went and visited our neighbor, Amber. James helped me make a wonderful pizza but I skipped mutual since at that point my contractions had become consistent and stronger. Finally, near midnight, we decided we should go ahead and take Jane over to her Aunt Carly’s and cousin Adam’s home as it had come apparent that we would be going to the center in the middle of the night. Jane was quite cute about the whole thing. James got her out of bed and when she got to Adam’s house, she was excited to sleep in the same room as him. She went right to sleep and had a wonderful day playing with them.








Sure enough, we called the midwife and met her at the center around 3a.m.- after James installed a new dishwasher and I had scrubbed the toilet (I couldn’t stand it being dirty anymore). I was a 4 at that point and Lisa met us there as well. Things progressed slowly but steadily. Thanks to my friend, Tracy, I had prepared for this event with hypnobirthing. In spite of all the teasing, it actually worked well! The midwife encouraged me to walk around because it didn’t seem like I was really progressing. I kept chatting and laughing with James, Lisa, and my doula. Around 7am, if I remember correctly, they finally started talking about sending me home until I progressed further. They checked me first but I was a 7, so I wasn’t going anywhere. It was interesting that my contractions were never real constant. They would range from 3 to 10 minutes apart, 30 to 90 seconds, and some harder than others this whole time. At a 10, I was still doing well and talking and laughing. The last hour was different. It was hard.


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But Porter finally came at 11:29 in the morning. he was 8lbs 12oz and a darling little boy. James picked up Jane that afternoon and then drove us all back home around 5pm that evening. It was great to sleep in my own bed and wonderful to have Jane with us, but a little hard to keep everything at home going. James was the biggest help in all that. My mom flew in that Saturday, on Halloween, to stay for a week. We also went to the Robbins’ home that night and Jane trick-or-treated around the block.



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