One Glorious Year

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Jane turned a year old. Wow, she has become quite a grown girl! I can’t really say big girl because she is so tiny. Six months ago, in October, she was 14 pounds. Three months ago at her 9 month check-up she was barely 15 pounds. Now, at her 12 month check-up, she was still 15 pounds. That puts her in the 3% for weight. Her height, 27 inches, puts her in the 1% for length and is the only reason she doesn’t fit into any of the 3-6 month clothing. She still fits into some 6-9 month clothing though and does wear 9-12 month things. I think her head is tiny but she is in the 21% for that. People get worried for her but she seems healthy and is quite happy … and extremely active!

She rolled over early, crawled quite early, and now pulls herself up and walks around tables and chairs, but has very little desire to stand or walk on her own. I figure she feels that she gets where she wants to and fast so why walk yet. Her feet are tiny too. She crawled for a long time in a way that I called a wounded soldier crawl. Hilarious to watch. Eventually that become a true baby crawl and sometimes now she does the “mowgli” walk on just hands and feet, which usually happens when wearing a dress or moving around outside.

Jane still loves to play any form of peek-a-boo whether she is on the receiving end or she is the one throwing blankets and curtains over her head, waiting 10 seconds, and then pulling it away from her face. She loves to laugh and giggle, give kisses to daddy and me, and give us hugs. She is great with strangers too. In the grocery store she gets upset when I won’t hold her but stops and puts on her best smile when others walk by. In that way she is a charmer. Some of her aunts have called her “Miss America” as she smiles and waves her parade wave to anybody. The other day an elderly lady behind me in line at the grocery store offered to hold Jane while I unloaded the cart. I accepted and Jane was entertained.

Jane has become quick to mimic things and loves to make noises with her mouth including clicking. Other things with her mouth include sucking in her cheeks where the point of her lips become a little beak. She is very content almost anytime she is outdoors. This includes eating dirt and grass and playing with the hard pods left behind from trees. If I leave the front door open, she crawls up to the screen door, pulls herself up, and shouts out at the outside. If we are on the steps when people walk by, she rushes down the steps and down the walkway as if trying to be with them.

She loves books! Most of her playing time involves taking her hard-covered books down from the shelf in her room and turning the pages. Sometimes, when we say our family prayers, she will see us kneeling with folded arms so she will kneel and fold her arms for a half minute or more and at the end mimic an “amen”.

She finally started to cuddle a couple months ago, which she didn’t really do before. Even now it is for a short time because she likes to be moving around. She says, “momma, momma, momma” occasionally and maybe twice I’ve heard, “daddy”. But she loves her daddy and in the mornings she cries and gets upset when he doesn’t play with her. In the evenings she rushes to the door when he gets home or throws another fit if she feels he doesn’t pick her up fast enough.

Jane is a fast learner and also minds pretty well when I tell her, “that’s a no” or “don’t touch”. I often get people at church telling me about how aware she is of all the things around her and how smart she is because of this or that. She is a great eater, eating my oatmeal with me in the mornings, beans and rice and vegetables at lunch and dinner, rice cereal and lots of cheerios. She sleeps well and sometimes even lets me know when it is her nap time. Although it is a bit hard now because she has really depended on her “cuccio” for going to sleep and we are now weaning her from it. Last night she smiled as I laid her down to bedtime.

In all, she is such a joy!! Can say that again? She is such a joy!

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