Jane and Porter in Dec 2015

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Dec 8, 2015 (Jane is about 19 months)

Jane is a joy. Period. She still loves to read and read and read. I can hardly fathom how much she has grown in just the last few months. I recently have been moving pictures off my phone to online to help with storage space, and as I see pictures of her from earlier this year it brings the contrast out of how much she has changed.

Some of the things she does: She loves to get the broom out and sweep. We have a regular broom and a hand broom with the dustpan. Any time she sees me with one or the other she goes to the closet to grab the other. I show her how to help me sweep up my piles into the dustpan and toss into the trash can. Other times she gets it on her own and just start sweeping around the house. Earlier today she was playing with a ruler on the hard wood floor and saw a tiny piece of one of the plants. Out came the broom! She will also get the towel down from the oven handle and wipe things up as well.

Jane loves baby Porter. She gets excited if she hears him make noise in the other room. Here are a few pictures I snapped when I checked on her and caught her reading to him. She even stopped in the middle to give him a kiss. She loves to give him kisses. She is sad when he is sad and likes to help take care of him.



Porter is a great baby. Nursing can be a challenge since I don’t feel I innately know when he wants more and when he is really done and not just too tired, etc. He is generally calm and happy. He still sleeps most of the day and is happy to sit around when he is awake. I have noticed though at around 50 minutes after he wakes up to eat (occasionally longer) he gets a little fussy. I learned that means he is tired and wants to go to sleep. But he hates getting wrapped. He hates having his arms strapped down.

Porter seems to me to be a strong baby. He keeps his head up by himself most of the time when I am holding him. He likes to sit back, lift his head up and look around since he was a week old. Half the time, when I give him tummy time on the floor, he lasts for a while. In that way he works hard. I would also say Porter has patience. When he is hungry- or even starving and is wailing for dear life in his crib out of hunger- once I pick him up he will instantly stop crying. He will wait for a while until I start nursing him, the whole time just quietly waiting.

Porter is also tall. I’m not sure what to compare him too, but I still can’t get over how fast he has grown and how he is already too big for me to cradle him while I feed him. I already had him wearing 3 month clothing at 4 or 5 weeks. He isn’t particularly chubby. I would say average heft. But he is so very long! I’m anxious to see what he measure at his next Dr. visit.

I love Porter. He is a handsome baby boy that I look forward to seeing grow up.




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