Dinosaurs for Valentines?

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February 14, 2015 – Jane recently turned 10 months


Valentine’s Day was a fabulous day for our family! James brought home beautiful white daises mixed with red roses for me, but got the biggest kick out of letting Jane smell them. When Jane saw the flowers, she ooo-ed and seemed quite taken by them. After that, James would hold her and lean her forward so she could stick her nose into them and sniff. She really did like the smell. They did it over and over.

Around noon, Jane was lucky enough to play with a few friends while James and I went out for lunch. And afterward, the three of us headed out to Thanksgiving Point to the Museum of Ancient Life- great idea, James. Bringing Jane along was the best part.

Unfortunately, my camera didn’t have enough battery to take video or pictures, but let me tell you about it. Upon entering the museum, Jane immediately started Ooo-ing. She was laying in the car seat of the stroller. Only then did we notice the pterodactyls hanging above us from the ceiling. And then there was a lizard tank with a giant lizard that we got to watch move around. She didn’t stay in her stroller much after that!




In the first section, we explored quarries and how fossils are dug and put together. We even got to see the lab were they were currently working on putting together recently found dinosaur fossils. Then, we learned all about the Carboniferous period and the Pennsylvanian period and the Jurassic period, and even some of the Tertiary period (think wooly mammoth), to name a few. We spent three hours walking through ancient life, with Jane ooh-oooing around every turn. She was loving it! The museum was done well with awesome displays and fun facts.




That night, after finally getting back home we watched Jurassic Park, which we hadn’t see in over a decade. Jane didn’t get to participate in that part. She was safe and sound asleep in her crib. But it was a fun way to end our dinosaur excursion.

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