Potty Trained: Check

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December 8, 2015 (Jane is less than 20 months) Jane is potty trained. Really. She is. Woohoo! It has taken a few weeks- well, months actually- and we had a few breaks in there too. I officially started Conference weekend … Continued

This is Snow

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Nov 30 (Jane 18 months and Porter 1 month) It recently snowed and started sticking to the ground. A couple of inches has built up on the ground and now Jane persistently wants to go outside just so she can … Continued

A Few Tidbits – Summer 2015

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Jane is becoming more imaginative in her play. I see her often using things to get higher- to see on top of the dresser or counter, to reach the door handle better so she doesn’t have to stretch on her … Continued

Prayer and the Savior

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A quick but tender moment that happened with Jane recently: We read scriptures together as a family and Jane likes to flip through the “Family” Book of Mormon that someone gifted us when James and I were married. It is … Continued

Porter – From One to Two

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      Porter was born Wednesday, October 28th, at a birthing center in Spanish Fork, just a few miles from our home in Springville. I had an apt at the center on the morning of my due date, the … Continued