2 and 3 Months

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2 Months Porter’s Dr. Visit at his two month check up (which was right after Christmas on the 30th) showed that he had already stretched out to 24 inches and weighed 12.5 pounds. That put him in the 61% for weight … Continued

Potty Trained: Check

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December 8, 2015 (Jane is less than 20 months) Jane is potty trained. Really. She is. Woohoo! It has taken a few weeks- well, months actually- and we had a few breaks in there too. I officially started Conference weekend … Continued

This is Snow

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Nov 30 (Jane 18 months and Porter 1 month) It recently snowed and started sticking to the ground. A couple of inches has built up on the ground and now Jane persistently wants to go outside just so she can … Continued

A Few Tidbits – Summer 2015

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Jane is becoming more imaginative in her play. I see her often using things to get higher- to see on top of the dresser or counter, to reach the door handle better so she doesn’t have to stretch on her … Continued

Prayer and the Savior

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A quick but tender moment that happened with Jane recently: We read scriptures together as a family and Jane likes to flip through the “Family” Book of Mormon that someone gifted us when James and I were married. It is … Continued

Porter – From One to Two

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      Porter was born Wednesday, October 28th, at a birthing center in Spanish Fork, just a few miles from our home in Springville. I had an apt at the center on the morning of my due date, the … Continued

One Glorious Year

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    Jane turned a year old. Wow, she has become quite a grown girl! I can’t really say big girl because she is so tiny. Six months ago, in October, she was 14 pounds. Three months ago at her … Continued

Dinosaurs for Valentines?

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  February 14, 2015 – Jane recently turned 10 months   Valentine’s Day was a fabulous day for our family! James brought home beautiful white daises mixed with red roses for me, but got the biggest kick out of letting … Continued

A Jolly Dolly Christmas

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December 2014 8 months Jane got an early visit with Santa Clause at the library! Dressed up in her finest, a black and white suit with pink taffeta frills, she sat on his lap and stared. She looked and looked … Continued

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