A Jolly Dolly Christmas

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December 2014

8 months

Jane got an early visit with Santa Clause at the library! Dressed up in her finest, a black and white suit with pink taffeta frills, she sat on his lap and stared. She looked and looked up at him, perhaps trying to figure him out, and then when he inched his face closer to hers to say ho, ho, she became concerned … a little more concerned … and then right out worried. Sorry, Santa!


Santa Clause
This is Going Great So Far …
Sad With Santa
Sad with Santa
Concerned with Santa
Concerned …

















We also took a trip down to Temple Square in Salt Lake. I hadn’t ever been on the square to see the lights before so we squeezed it in while we were still in town. The weather was a little on the wet side but it held off while we toured around and Maddie and Alec Goldie, good friends, joined us.


Jane in Stroller  Red LightsSalt Lake Temple

James & Julie in front of Temple

Jane Strolling Along




Joseph Smith Tree


This video is while we were around the tree in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. James is playing with Jane and her pacifier and you can hear Maddie Goldie talking for the first half and then myself the second half. I’ll have to edit the video sometime soon so that it views straight up instead of on its side.






Gifts from Allen Grandparents We had a number of presents underneath our tree that weren’t going to fit with our luggage- tight squeeze! -so we had an early unwrapping party. See here, Jane with her wonderful gifts from her Grandma & Grandpa Allen: A xylophone, “Baby’s First Christmas”, and white winter boots to squeeze her tiny feet into. How fun and how cute! Jane loves the book and we were able to fit that into her bag after all. It helped keep her happy through the 45 hour (I’m not exaggerating) car ride.

I managed to take a picture of her wearing her boots one of the times I was riding in the backseat with her.

3 Gifts from Allen Grandparents Wearing Her Winter Boots













A week before Christmas, we drove all the way down to TEXAS! Wahoo! We did stop at night in Albuquerque where my uncle and aunt live to get a few hours of shut eye. We hopped on the road again early, early the next morning and finally got to Boerne that evening.

Grandma and Grandpa finally got to meet Jane for the very first time in person. And Jane got to meet them. She also got to meet all of her other aunts and uncles and many cousins that live down there. What fun! Her cousins loved playing with her and I believe Jane enjoyed all the activity.

Another stop we made while in the area was a small North Pole at the Bass Pro Shop.



Tree of Antlers

Riding on a Deer














Snow Man

And still more to come …

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