4th of July

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July 4, 2014

About 3 months

Our little family got up eeearly on July 4th for a day full of fun activities: First off, the balloon fest! We weedled our way through the busy traffic and barely snatched a parking space that wasn’t too far away. A little late, but we did make it in time too see some of the balloons inflate before launching off. We got to stand so close! Even though it was quite crowded, as you can tell, and a little tricky maneuvering the stroller around. They fired up the torches and about 25 monster balloons drifted higher and higher … and higher … while the sun lifted above the mountains and we munched on zucchini bread I had made the night before.

















Many BalloonsYellow BalloonJane in her Stroller


Family of ThreeBlue Balloon

Colored Balloon


Balloon Fest 3

The Crowd on the Ground




James and the Balloons





Red & Yellow Balloon



Balloon Fest 1






































After all of the balloons had launched, the crowd was ushered out around a giant circle to watch the Hare and the Hound competition where “hound” balloons try to drop bean bags onto a target laid out by the “hare.” They can also obtain additional points through jousting as they attempt to pop large balloons with sharp sticks 200 to 300 feet above the ground. Top pilots from around the nation came to compete in this difficult event and it made for a great show. I was able to capture some of this on recording … soon to come. We also got to see a hot air balloon come down and land several yards away from us! Also coming soon on video.




Then, to the Provo parade. We hiked a few blocks away and set up camping chairs to see fantastic processional of floats, trampoline jumpers, entertainers, and bands march down the road.

Watching Parade 1Parade 4

Parade 3

Parade 2Parade 2









































We left the parade early to make it to a BBQ with friends and family down in Santequin. Mike gave us tickets to the BYU Men’s Soccer game for later that day so we cheered them on. By the end of the game it had grown very dark but the stadium lights were turned off and we were allowed to sit on blankets down on the field. The Stadium of Fire, held at the football stadium, was just beyond the soccer stadium and we got a spectacular firework show! What a day.


Soccer Game 2

Jane’s first  …

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