2 and 3 Months

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2 Months

Porter’s Dr. Visit at his two month check up (which was right after Christmas on the 30th) showed that he had already stretched out to 24 inches and weighed 12.5 pounds. That put him in the 61% for weight but the 91% for height. He isn’t super chunky but his body is long. His head circum. is in the 80%.

He still is easy going and when he smiles it makes my heart beat a little faster- what a cutie! Sometimes we can even get a little bit of a laugh from him- already at two months! A little tickle is usually what brings it out and he likes being massaged. He is becoming aware of the world around him. The other day while I was holding him and James and Jane were wrestling on the floor and having a good time, he kept swinging his whole body around so he could watch. I finally turned him the other way so he was facing them.

3 months

Porter looks like a Graham baby and his eyes are getting lighter. He is great at tummy time! I have been impressed. He spends a good amount of time at his little play mat that has a tinker toy dangling down and he practices over and over trying to grab it. He has fairly good control over his hands and his grasp. He rolled over once about a week ago but he had a little momentum help as it was right after I set him down on his back. He hasn’t rolled over since then but a few days ago I got a short video of him working on lifting his legs and twisting to his side. He almost had it!

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