Jane is resting on a special blanket made by Aunt Tiff and her boys.

Jane Jacquelyn


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2 and 3 Months

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2 Months Porter’s Dr. Visit at his two month check up (which was right after Christmas on the 30th) showed that he had already stretched out to 24 inches and weighed 12.5 pounds.... READ MORE

Potty Trained: Check

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December 8, 2015 (Jane is less than 20 months) Jane is potty trained. Really. She is. Woohoo! It has taken a few weeks- well, months actually- and we had a few breaks in... READ MORE

Jane and Porter in Dec 2015

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Dec 8, 2015 (Jane is about 19 months) Jane is a joy. Period. She still loves to read and read and read. I can hardly fathom how much she has grown in just the... READ MORE

This is Snow

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Nov 30 (Jane 18 months and Porter 1 month) It recently snowed and started sticking to the ground. A couple of inches has built up on the ground and now Jane persistently wants... READ MORE